Viewing Optimization

With user interface (UI) experts on board, our architecture looks into the future of your company and writes elegant code that is configurable to later growth. Considering the user experience, websites are optimized to be properly viewed using different devices.


Base Product


$800.00* one-time fee

  • * Setup fee is dependent on website difficulty

Price Table
Hosting Plans


$5.00*/ month
  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • SSL
  • Up to 5 business email addresses
  • Free Wordpress setup
*Sale at 50% Off for new clients for the first year!
$10.00 /month upon renewal


$10.00*/ month
  • Hosting and minor updates
  • Domain name
  • SSL
  • Up to 100 business email addresses
  • Free Wordpress setup
*Sale at 50% Off for new clients for the first year!
$20.00 /month upon renewal

BizXite Email Services


  • With us, with your instructions
  • Email goes to personal email
  • Available how-to's
  • 45 minute delay
*Up to 100 email addresses when BizXite is availed.

BYO email

  • Guite, Outlook, etc.
  • Connect your own email service with Technomancer Domain
*Price is exclusive of BizXite services. This is a service that the client has already subscribed to from a third-party service.


$10.00 /month
  • Gsuite, Outlook, etc.
  • Technomancer managed
  • Must add an additional email for the Technomancer Administrator

A more detailed price table is available upon request.


Social Media

BizXite has a wide range of social media integration features and API integration. This means content from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media platforms can show automatically on your website.


BizXite includes the domain name, hosting, SSL, privacy, and Cpanel access (this includes Wordpress). Websites are also optimized for better viewing on different devices.


Email services and monthly minor updates (design and programming) are included in the BizXite packages.


BizXite can also be integrated with BizPayroll and BizSales to accomodate e-commerce functionality in your website.


Standard hosting and maintenance covers incidental and minor changes normally occuring within the month.

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